Use the photos and videos below to learn proper form

Continue your learning by studying the photos and watching the videos below to learn more about forms and how to properly use martial arts.

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Tying The belt

This is how you tie the Karate Belt.

Coming into the Dojang before class

Respect is very important. Entering the DoJang(Karate Studio) with respect is no different.

coming in late

We like students to be at class 10 - 15 minutes before class. If you find yourself coming in late, This what you need to do.

From stretching to lineup

After stretching, Going to lineup before class starts.

Asking a question

To make class run smoothly, asking a question needs to be done in a specific way. Here is the proper way to ask a question.

Basic 1 form

Basic 1 - Beginner Form

Basic 2 form

Basic 2 - Beginner Form

Basic 3

Basic 3 - Beginner Form